Timothy Madden


Tim’s unique mix of education, experience and ideals have positioned him as a leader in the in-door agriculture industry. His extensive knowledge of integrated renewable energy and organic controlled environment agriculture technologies, provides the Company with a significant competitive advantage in the industry. Tim’s education and experience includes a degree in computer electronics from Fortis College, ten years as founder and President of Biodynamics Inc., and three years as founder and manager of On Point Hydroponics LLC prior. In his youth, Tim studied the work of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, a scientist, philosopher and inventor of commercial scale organic agriculture. Steiner published his work in 1924 to combat the rapid worldwide decline in crop nutritional value and fertility occurring due to the overuse of pesticide, and monoculture practices of the twentieth century. The science of in-door agriculture is founded on the need for crop production to be a closed loop agricultural system, self-contained and self-sustaining, creating and maintaining life, free of external contaminants, and the production of pollution. Tim has helped make Dr. Steiner’s vision a reality through entrepreneurship and the invention and development of proprietary controlled environment technologies operated by artificial intelligence and powered by integrated renewable energy systems.

Dr. Maqsood “Max” Rehman

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Dr. Maqsood “Max” Rehman is currently working as a global soybean breeding leader for Dow AgroSciences at Indianapolis, Ind. Previously, he worked as a soybean breeder for Monsanto Company at Oxford, Indiana. Max has Masters and PhD degrees in Plant Science from University of Idaho, U.S.A. and Post Doctorate from University of Missouri-Columbia, Missouri. He has a diversified scientific background with training, and 10 plus years of practical experience in plant breeding, quantitative and molecular genetics and cytogenetics and project management.

As global soybean breeding lead, he provides leadership to the soybean breeding organization for the successful launch of competitive soybean varieties in North America and Latin America. He develops breeding strategies and develops budgets needed to accomplish breeding goals. Max bridges gaps by bringing stakeholders (Breeding, labs, business and commercial) and aligns breeding goals with global business goals through effective communication. Implementation of innovative ideas aligned with business and R&D for value creation. Max brings efficiency within resources that lead towards a fast genetic gain in soybean. Max develops teams and provides effective and transparent communication process to achieve deliverables.

Dr. Ajay Mahajan

Team Member

Dr. Ajay Mahajan is the President of Clipius Technologies Inc., and is currently a tenured professor in the mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering departments at The University of Akron, in Ohio. He is currently the chair of the finance committee for the Akron BioInnovation Fund II (ABFII) for the City of Akron. He was the associate vice president for innovation for the University, and the associate dean for research in the College of Engineering until 2015.
Before coming to Akron he worked at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. He is currently a board member for the Bell Chapter of the Hawkins Foundation that advances orthopedic medicine and outcomes for patients through research and education. In the past he has worked with NASA, US DoD, US Federal Highway, as well as companies such as Timken, Caterpillar and Medtronic. He has also worked with two Formula One teams (Renault F1 and Toyota F1).

He is the co-founder and president of Clipius Technologies, a high-tech genomics device company, and serves on the boards of many organizations/companies. He has developed numerous biomedical devices and has also run numerous cadaver labs for Medtronic while testing that company’s new devices for FDA approval and marketing claims. In NE Ohio, he has been a champion for increasing/improving the technology and innovation ecosystem.

In 2015, he served on President Barack Obama’s Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP2.0) initiative at the White House.

Wil Hemker

Team Member

Wil Hemker is an R&D scientist and entrepreneur experienced in new product development, identifying advanced technology, IP assessment, and leading partnership teams to commercialize innovative products. His successes include: commercializing IP protected products using advanced technology for the environmental, food production, new product materials for over-the-counter (OTC) dermatological and anti-microbial marketplaces.

Wil is a senior entrepreneur fellow at the University of Akron Research Foundation (UARF) commercializing new materials and technologies into environmental, food production and biomedical markets. Wil holds a BS in chemistry from Bowling Green State University and a MS in Food Science from The Ohio State University. He is very active in the food movement including ways to increase nutrition in schools, hospitals and institutions.