LAS VEGAS, Sept. 21, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Gala Global, Inc. (GLAG), a publicly-traded development firm specializing in equity investments, debt financing and mergers and acquisitions in the biotech industry, today announced that its majority-owned subsidiary, Controlled Environment Genomics Inc., a start-up biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of computer controlled digital plant cloning incubators for use in the agricultural and biopharmaceutical industries, has signed a Distributor Agreement with KGBI Colorado LLC, Denver, Col., to sell the Company’s patent pending fully automated, computer controlled plant cloning incubators initially to Colorado’s large and growing cannabis market.

The Company has also completed the first commercial scale production version of its fully automated computer controlled plant cloning Incubators. An initial manufacturing run of the first 100 units is scheduled to begin in December 2017.

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“We are excited to enter into this new business venture with KGBI, representing the second major milestone in the development of our turn-key digital plant cloning incubation systems,” said Gala Global CEO Timothy Madden.

“The next major accomplishment will be the completion of the manufacturing run of our first 100 units, with initial revenues expected to begin in January 2018. Based on our existing sales pipeline and our success in developing new innovations in cloning and plant breeding, we believe Gala Global is on the right track to be able to generate substantially greater revenues and earnings in the weeks and months ahead,” concluded Madden.

Gala Global Inc. subsidiary CEG Inc. is also collaborating with technology partner GenoBreeding Inc., on developing breeding tools such as molecular markers to enable productive plant breeding decisions and processes that achieve top-tier plant performance in a sustainable manner.

CEG’s state-of-the-art genomics technology enables GenoBreeding to digitally sequence the genomes of the most desirable plant varieties based on flavor and nutrition, so the desirable traits can be used to improve the most desirable commercial varieties with traits such as increased yield and quality, thus enhancing consumer demand for the product.

GenoBreeding is also developing a proprietary digital genetic database that will be used as an online cloud based library of digitally sequenced genomes and phenotypic (chemical composition) information on all existing and new plant varieties.

CEG Inc. proprietary digital plant cloning technology will enable GenoBreeding’s geneticists to select the best plant varieties to hybridize, improving and increasing crop quality and yields by combining the very best genetics, maximizing the variation of positive inherited characteristics in each variety.

About CEG Inc.
Controlled Environment Genomics, Inc. (CEG), Akron, Ohio, is a genomics company with expertise in digital plant gene sequencing, editing and cloning technologies. CEG is a subsidiary of Gala Global Inc. CEG’s state-of-the-art genomics technology enables computerized genome sequencing and plant cloning using a fully automated turnkey solution for digitally sequencing the genomes of the world’s most desirable plant varieties based on flavor and nutrition. CEG improves the most valuable crop varieties currently available on the market by utilizing proprietary Cloud computing-based digital cloning technologies to crossbreed crops that have advantageous traits with established varieties featuring the best genetic profiles for commercial production. The very best plant traits can be used to improve the most sought-after commercial varieties by adding characteristics like maximized yields and quality conducive to increased consumer demand and optimized production profitability.

About GenoBreeding Inc.
GenoBreeding Inc., a subsidiary of GreenGro Technologies, Inc., (GRNH) Anaheim, Calif., formed in early 2017 to direct a GreenGro initiative intended to bring to the cannabis market cutting-edge plant varieties through the application of modern plant breeding technologies conducive to increased consumer demand and improved production profitability.

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